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Contacting the Cybathlon Organising Committee

For details on the organising committee please visit the official Cybathlon website at – you can contact them on

For this Website

Laura Lambert

lauraLaura is a sports fanatic. She is Assistant Editor of the daily Olympics links blog Frontier Sports, and has written for local and regional publications on a range of sports.

Having studied Geography at Bristol University, Laura is now on the Newspaper Journalism MA at City University, London. Her motivation for starting this website stems from following the achievements of event-rider Claire Lomas, who walked a marathon in a robotic suit after being paralysed, and her broader interest in the use of technology to help disabled people.

Twitter: @lauralambert8


Sam Dean


Another sport enthusiast and MA Journalism student at City University, Sam combines his constant state of anxiety over Liverpool FC with a worrying obsession with puns, the future and Modern Family re-runs.

When he’s not slaving over writing the perfect biography for niche Cybathlon websites, he can also be found at The Tab, the Sunday Times Sport and trains between London and his cool South London pad mummy’s house in Surrey.

Twitter: @SamJDean

Chris Tilbury

FullSizeRenderThere’s something about a set of three isn’t there. It just makes things sound better. I guess it’s a good job Chris loves sport just as much as his two colleagues then otherwise he’d feel left out in every conversation.

He loves technology and sport so the Cybathlon literally couldn’t suit him any better. When he’s not spending his time trying to make the font on this website an acceptable size or agonising over how to make the twitter button appear he’s dedicating his weekends to subbing the work of eternally drunk students for The Tab. What is life?

Twitter: @cdtilbury


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